Forgotten Horses Rescue, Homeland, CA

Source: Forgotten Horses Rescue, Homeland, CA

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Forgotten Horses Rescue, Homeland, CA

IMG_3618This is not a rescue horse from Forgotten Horses Horse Rescue.  This is my mare, Bella who is a Tennessee Walking Horse.  She had a rough life where I got her from and they did soring to her which is very painful so the Walkers will have high leg action.  I bought her to get her out of the bad situation she was in, so I guess I did rescue her in a way from a life of pain.  I cannot stand anyone who tortures or hurts an animal.  This is probably why Forgotten Horses Rescue in Homeland, California has gotten my attention for what they do for horses that are forgotten.

There are so many forgotten horses around.  These are horses who have done their jobs for their owners, but once they cannot perform or do what their owners want them to many horses are sent to auction. Many horses that go to auction should really be put down, but their owners cannot afford to do so.  So, they make these poor horses go to the auction which can be a very scary place for horses.  Many are confused and do not understand what is happening. They don’t deserve this treatment.  Many will end up getting sold to the kill buyers.  The kill buyers will take them to Mexico and Canada where they will be sold for meat.  Yes, this is the true reality of sending your horse to auction.  I cannot even fathom sending my horses there.

At Mike’s Auction in Mira Loma, the have an auction-typically the first Saturday of the month.  Here, they sell horses that are scared to death to be in a strange place, not knowing what is happening.  Here, they can be sold to kill buyers and end up on the WRONG truck.  Or a few end up being rescued by many kind people who run rescues here in California.  There is one in particular that I support, who does fantastic work and really does well by the horses.  This is Forgotten Horses Rescue ran by Trish Geltner.  I met Trish the other day and she really cares about these beautiful animals.  She rescues, rehabs and rehomes as many forgotten horses as possible.  She also works with other rescues and they help each other help the horses.  Forgotten Horses Rescue, Inc invests 100% of all donations directly to help the horses.  The staff is not paid, they are all volunteers.  You can visit their website at

Forgotten Horses Rescue is a 501C3 Rescue so your donation is tax deductible.  They need money to rescue horses, feed the horses, vet costs, farrier costs etc.  Having horses is very expensive, so anything you can give would be much appreciated. You can also visit their Facebook page at Forgotten Horses Rescue and donate there.  They accept Paypal too which makes giving easy.

I am a huge fan of this rescue, I hope you will be too.  They also rescue doggies.  Their mission is to rescue horses that have been thrown away and forgotten, and give them a second chance that they so desperately need and deserve. Please find it in your heart to help sponsor a horse monthly, or just give a one time gift.  It all adds up even if you just have $1.00…if everyone gave $1.00 what a help that would be.  Thank you so much and don’t forget about the Forgotten Horses Rescue. If we all could help one horse what a better world this would be.

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Meadow Oaks

Source: Meadow Oaks

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Meadow Oaks

Lacresta Horse Properties

Meadow Oaks is a lovely equestrian gated community just outside of LaCresta. Meadow Oaks is in the Tenaja area of the unincorporated area of Murrieta.  In Meadow Oaks, you can find minimum 5 acre parcels of land.  Meadow Oaks is an equestrian friendly gated area.  There are only 49 homes currently with 3-4 undeveloped lots.  The home owners association covers the gate, and Gary who takes care of the guard shack and all the comings and goings of people coming into Meadow Oaks.  He also  maintains the front area by the gate.  The HOA also takes care of the streets inside of Meadow Oaks. The HOA is managed currently by Ralston Management.

Ronald Reagan owned 750 acres of land in Tenaja.  He bought the land in the 1960’s and he sold it more than a decade later.  He only came down to the Tenaja area a few times as back then he felt it was too far out and would take too long for modern conveniences to get out here.  That was when he sold and moved to Santa Barbara.  Dan Stephenson bought 5000 acres out in Tenaja.  He started Rancon Real Estate as well.  He obtained investors and started buying land everywhere.  He was the one to start LaCresta, which was 10,000 acres and he linked riding trails together.  He then started LaCresta Highlands which was 1,500 acre estates, Santa Rosa West was 700 acres. Meadow Oaks is just out side of Santa Rosa West.  Pretty interesting that Ronald Reagan owned Meadow Oaks.

There is a ranch right out side of Meadow Oaks that is named Reagan Ranch that is up for sale currently.

Reagan Ranch-Murrieta CA.This remarkable property of 30 acres occupies one of the most picturesque sites in the magnificent Tenaja Valley. The Reagan Ranch is located an hour’ s drive from Orange County or San Diego. The ranch was formerly owned by Ronald & Nancy Reagan. A 20.18 acre parcel + 2 adjoining 5-acre parcels. Extraordinary 5-acre seasonally-fed lake is the centerpiece. Over 100 trees w/irrigation surround lake perimeter and ranch. Ranch has several building sites with views for large residence(s). Quality 1,500 SF 2 Bd, 2 Ba ranch house jutts out over lake; 2-car garage. Octagon-shaped vaulted great room has wood lattice interior walls and ceilings. Extensive rock work on exterior, complemented with shakes shingle exterior walls. There is a custom-designed, quality 2,750 SF steel/wood barn, with tall doors for storage, RV, boat; set up for 8 large stalls + hay storage. There is regulation polo arena with grandstands, and additional land was graded to accommodate a regulation outdoor polo field and a half-mile horse training race track. Ranch is near extensive equestrian trails. 8-acre horse pasture with 9 corrals. Three wells plus a 1.5″ city water meter.

One hour from Orange County and San Diego. Clinton Keith exit west up to the Santa Rosa Plateau 5 miles to Tenaja Rd. turn right go about 3.5 miles. Property is on the right at corner of Calle Bandido.

Meadow Oaks is right next door to this lovely home.  Call me if I can help you find a home in Meadow Oaks, Tenaja, LaCresta, LaCresta Highlands or Santa Rosa West. 951-204-1864.




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The Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve

The Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve is located just South of LaCresta which is in the unincorporated area of Murrieta, CA.  The Reserve is open sunrise to sunset.  The price is $4.00 per adul…

Source: The Santa Rose Plateau Ecological Reserve

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The Santa Rose Plateau Ecological Reserve

The Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve is located just South of LaCresta which is in the unincorporated area of Murrieta, CA.  The Reserve is open sunrise to sunset.  The price is $4.00 per adult and $3.00 per child.

At the end of the Santa Ana mountains, near Murrieta, by LaCresta, is the wonderful area of the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve.  There are trails to hike, ride your bike and specific trails at Sylvan Meadows to ride your horses.  There are seasonal vernal pools which have some of the most unique things in them that you cannot see anywhere else.  There are so many creatures that live on the Reserve.  There are deer, mountain lions, badgers, tarantulas, snakes along with so many different kinds of birds.  There are many unique plants on the Reserve as well.  It’s so beautiful, you should come and go for a hike and bring a picnic!

There are two adobes which date back to 1846.  These used to house cowboys.  Juan Moreno moved 100 head of his cattle to the Plateau.  The Mexican Governor of the territory of California granted 48,000 acres to Juan Moreno. In 1855, the U.S. Attorney General challenged his right to the land.  Moreno was not able financially to pursue the matter in court.  He sold the Santa Rosa Rancho to Augustin Machado in 1855.  The price was $1,000 along with $500.00 with of livestock.  Boy, I wish I were around then to purchase that!!! Juan Machado’s father left him the land in 1865.  His title to the land was finalized in 1872. Boy, title took a long time back then!

In 1876, the Santa Rosa Rancho was sold to businessmen from Britain for $1.00 an acre.  That is not a typo. Again, why was I not around to buy this!!! Walter Vail bought the land in 1904 and had it for over 60 years.  In 1964 he sold it to Kaiser Steel for 21 million, yes that is correct.  Much of the land was leased for cattle to graze. In 1984 the Nature Conservancy purchased 3100 acres of land on the Plateau which included the Moreno and Machado adobes.  These are Riverside County’s oldest standing structures.

If I can help you buy a home that surround the Santa Rose Plateau Ecological Preserve, give me a call at 951-204-1864.  This is a beautiful area, I should know I have a home down here and love it’s beauty.  Every time I drive up and down the hill I am amazed at a how beautiful and how lucky I am to own a home here.

You can search for homes at

Thanks for reading, Joan

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Lacresta Horse Properties LaCresta is a beautiful area that is in the unincorporated area of Murrieta.  Lacresta is located about 20 minutes from the 15 freeway off Clinton Keith Road.  Lacresta …

Source: Lacresta Horse Properties

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