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Banks Not Taking As Long To Take Back Homes

Banks are taking back homes a lot quicker than ever before.  It used to be that they would wait to see if a homeowner wanted to try to do a loan modification, however, they are not waiting now.  According to

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Incredible Edibles-Fun Filled Fund Raiser for the Upland YMCA

Last night my husband and I attended the fund raiser for the Upland YMCA which is always a great event.  We are happy to donate and it always proves to be such a great time.  There are so many different

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Short Sales Hit Record Highs

Wow, short sales are now happening more than ever.  When I first got into real estate over 20 years ago, I hardly ever heard of a short sale.  Now, they are all the rage, helping homeowners get out of their

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Interest rates are at an all time low!

I know, I know you have heard this old cliche’ that it’s still a great time to buy, but it really is! That is, if you can do it, if you have a job still with our lovely economy. This

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