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Thoughts On Your Childhood Home

Do you remember your home where you were raised?  I hope you had good experiences growing up in it.  I recently read another article which really resonates with me about a songwriter that wrote the top son of 2010.  The

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Investors Make The Decisions on Loan Modifications, Not the Banks!

Did you know that if a bank has sold your loan to an investor, the bank really does not have a say in the short sale or loan modification!  The bank really has nothing to approve, it is fully the

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Who Owns Your Loan?

Do you know what a loan servicer is when you take out your loan?  Do you have any idea what that even means?  Most people have no clue.  What this means is who is taking care of your loan or

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Short Sales And Your Credit

The news keeps changing as to what you really should do to get your short sale approved.  It used to be that you needed to show you had a hardship by defaulting on your loan, whereas now, you don’t need

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