Lacresta Horse Properties

LaCresta is a beautiful area that is in the unincorporated area of Murrieta.  Lacresta is located about 20 minutes from the 15 freeway off Clinton Keith Road.  Lacresta has minimum of 5 acre parcels of land.  If you are lucky you can find 10 and even 20 acre parcels of land.  This area is wonderful if you want to feel like you are out in the Countryside to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Homes in LaCresta are still relatively inexpensive.  As of today the best priced home was $642,000 for a home that is 1,893 square feet on a lot size of 212,573 square feet and you can buy all the way up to a home $9,990,000 that is over 10,000 square feet with ten acres. Lacresta has a lot to offer if you just want elbow room, or would like your own private vineyard or horses.  Give me a call today if I can help you buy or sell in LaCresta. 951-204-1864 Joan Patterson, Keller Williams Realty BRE 01431647 web

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Staging Your Home For Top Dollar

Home Staging Tips

I go into homes to list them almost every day.  When I do I immediately start taking notes as to what we need to do to get a seller’s home ready for the market.  If your home is staged properly and cleaned up, it will sell quicker than if it were not.  Many buyers don’t have the “vision” to see past a messy, dirty or too much work in a home.


Staging your home for a quick sale doesn’t have to be stressful, but it will take some elbow grease and time. Joan Patterson (that is myself) will give you many ideas and suggestions to get your home ready to sell. We at Joan Patterson and Associates want to bring our your home’s best features so that buyers will be knocking at your door with their agents to see it!

I will go with you through each room to let you know what we need to do as far as de-cluttering or making each room show off it’s best attributes.  We need the buyers to envision themselves to be living there.  We want to make them excited about your home so that they want to write an offer!
Paint You Should Use-
Give your house neutral colors that will appeal to home buyers and give your home a calm feeling. If your walls are painted a bold or bright color, consider painting these with light tones of tan, beige or gray. Those colors encourage home buyers to envision their own personal effects and furniture fitting nicely in your home with minimal work. Buyers don’t want to think they have to do a lot of work.  Moving is already a lot of work for most buyers.


Only a few appliances on your counters and nothing more. You could possibly add in a simple bowl of colorful fruit to introduce interest to your new neutral palette. Many times replacing or refinishing outdated cabinets can make a significant difference in how your kitchen appears to buyers. Remember to update cabinet hardware, as well. If you have older appliances, replacing them is worth the investment.

Dining Room-
Remove any bold finishings or heavy accessories. Clear out clutter but dress your dining table with simple, inviting place settings. An uncomplicated centerpiece and updated light fixture can complete the table. Remove any oversized furniture that might make the room appear small such as a large china hutch or sideboard.  You can put these in the garage perhaps? Or even a storage unit.

All other living areas-
Take down any personal photographs, anything personal.  The buyers may not like your stuffed deer head for example either.  Think of your home as a buyer would.  Take off your seller hat and pretend you are a buyer.  How would you like your home for the first time walking in?

Make every fixture in your bathroom sparkle.  Make sure it is super clean..  If tile grout is still not clean, get a grout stain or hire a professional to clean it. Bathrooms and kitchens need to shine!

Walk through-

You may want to walk through your home and see what you think, or call me back for my opinion.  You can also call a friend.  Or, hire a professional stager of which I do know a few of these as well.  You can have your home staged with your furniture or perhaps theirs.  It all depends on the condition of your current furnture.

I would highly suggest to hire a professional cleaning service to help make your home shine.  After all, when I go to sell a car, I hire a professional detailer who makes it look good as new.  That is what a team of professionals can do to make your home shine for selling.  Give me a call today so I can help you get your home ready to sell!  A clean home and a well staged home can bring in more money for you!  Give me a call and let’s get to work!

Let’s do this and get your home sold for top dollar!  Joan







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Are You Looking To Buy A Brand New Home In Southern California?

Are you looking to purchase a brand new home from a builder?  If you are please give me a call if I am in your area.  I serve all of Southern California and I can help you when purchasing a brand new home as well.  Many buyers don’t realize this.  Many buyers go to the builder by themselves without an agent.  They don’t realize that an agent can help to negotiate something for them whether it be price, upgrades, or washer/dryer and refrigerators, front and back yard landscaping you just never know.

So, please do not go to the builder by yourself.  Give me a call today.  Don’t step one foot in their door.  I will go with you and register you as well as show you the homes.  I will then negotiate for you what I can.  It all depends on the builder, how many people are interested in the home, if they need to sell more for the month etc as to what (if anything) they will give you.

It pays to have a good agent that is not afraid to negotiate go in for you.  Recently I was able to get my clients $40,000 in upgrades for free as well as a washer/dryer and stainless steel refrigerator (Kitchen Aid). Using their in house lender can also help with closing costs being almost all paid.   Sometimes I can’t get anything, but most of the time I can get the builder to do something that you normally would not be able to.  So, make sure you call me on the first trip so I can go in and register you at the model home site.

I look forward to helping you save more money!

Call me 951-204-1864

Call Joan 4 A Home!!!!






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Homes in LaCresta-Murrieta CA

I always dreamed of having land for my horses.  Even when I was just a little girl I always wanted land and horses.  I don’t know what was wrong with me because I did not grow up on a farm.  I did not grow up being able to own horses.  But, I do remember from a very early age that I always loved horses.  I would draw horses.  I would incorporate them into any art picture even if we were only supposed to be drawing a building-I would always incorporate a horse somewhere somehow.

I would always ride my bike about a mile or so to clean stalls at a local breeder’s home.  I would sit on their fence for weeks until they gave me the job of mucking 10 stalls to ride for just 1/2 hour.  Oh that was sweet to me when I was about 10 years old.  So, when I first found La Cresta, I knew this was where I wanted to eventually buy and live.  And, I eventually did buy in LaCresta.

There are many lots still left to build your custom dream home on with 5 acre parcels.  Currently on the market as of today’s date there is a home that is 2398 sq feet with 5 acres selling for $559,000.00

This is it right here.  It is not fancy, but to be able to have 5 acres of land and live in LaCresta away from the City but close enough to it is fabulous!Here is another great home, this one is 8034 square feet.  There is a main home that is over 5000 square feet along with a guest home that is the remaining square feet.  This home has 30 acres and they are asking $3,495,000.00 for this one.



Don’t you love the kitchen?  I love the barn!!! It even has custom skylights!!! WOW!!!




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Joan Patterson, B.A., G.R.I., Realtor, BRE License #01431647

Keller Williams Realty

8250 White Oak Avenue, Ste 102

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730



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Joan Patterson

Inland Empire Real Estate

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Homes In LaCresta, Ca-Part of Murrieta, CA

Are you looking for a place here in Southern California that is far away from the business of every day life, but yet close to town?  Well, there is a hidden gem in Southern California that many people don’t know about.  It’s close to the City, yet out in the country so homes are not so close together.  You can have that county feel while still being close to the world.

I discovered LaCresta in Murrieta about 20 years ago an always wanted to live in LaCresta.  I am a country girl at heart and grew up in the midwest.  All this traffic took me a long time to get use to, but I don’t think you ever really want to get used to traffic.  I wanted a place where I could have my horses on a large parcel of land and not have to board them in small stalls.  I also wanted some peace and quiet from the business that life tends to throw at you.  And, the Santa Rose Plateau where LaCresta is in Murrieta has gorgeous views of mountains, horses and your neighbors are not right next to you.

Whether you want horses, your own vineyard, or just space to be away from the City life, LaCresta is just off the 15 freeway off of Clinton Keith about 10 miles to the West.  Avenida LaCresta is the main road throughout this lovely community with minimum acres being 5 in this area.  There are many homes that have 10-30 acres or more.  Most are about 5 acres.  If I can help you find a home in LaCresta or help you sell your home in LaCresta, please give me a call 951-204-1864.  I also own a home in this area so I know it well.



#Equestrian Homes in LaCresta

#Homes in LaCresta



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Joseph Filippi Winery Rancho Cucamonga, California


I love wine, I don’t know about you, but a nice glass of wine from time to time sure is good.  I like to relax with a nice glass of red wine.  It is so nice here in Rancho Cucamonga to have one of the oldest wineries right here in our very own back yard.  Here in Rancho Cucamonga, the Joseph Filippi Winery was started in 1922.  They produce many kinds of wines.” />

Since 1994 the Filippi’s have revitalized old vineyards and undertaken new vine plantings.  There are many kinds of wines that they produce, petite sirah, granache noir, tannat, mouvedre, merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, alicante, tempranillo and syrah.  My favorite that they produce is their chocolate port or fondante cielto-yummy!

Rancho Cucamonga has such a wonderful history with wine making.  This winery is located at 12467 Baseline Road, Rancho Cucamonga.  Stop by for a tasting, they charge $5.00 for a very large portion of a tasting!  Some evenings they even have tacos.  Check it out!

Many times for my clients for a closing gift for buying or selling a home in Rancho Cucamonga, I will have them make up a lovely gift basket with cheeses, crackers, wines and perhaps something nice for their home.  They have a lovely store with an assortment of all sorts of fun things!

I love selling real estate and love the history we have here in Rancho Cucamonga.  So many people just pass this lovely winery by and never stop in.  They sure are missing out on a jewel.  If we are out and about looking at homes, mention this and I will take you there!

Looking forward to helping you buy or sell a home in our lovely City of Rancho Cucamonga.  Give me a call today. 951-204-1864.  Joan


#filippi winery

Inland Empire Real Estate Ramblings by Joan Patterson, Realtor

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Where To See Santa In Rancho Cucamonga, California

You are probably wondering where to find Santa for your kids this year in Rancho Cucamonga…

Well, I have three places you can look for sure!  One is Bass Pro Shops just around the corner from Victoria Gardens Mall and right off the 15 freeway!


It’s like a Winter Wonderland there!  Santa takes FREE pictures and you can make crafts too! There are all sorts of things to do there!  It’s wonderful!  Their address is 777 Victoria Gardens Lane, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739 open 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Phone is 909-922-5500.


Another great place to go is Victoria Gardens Mall.  They have a whole new way to see Santa. You should go on and JOIN THE ADVENTURE.  Book your boarding pass to the North Pole.  It’s good to book reservations here or you will stand in line for a long time.  Dreamworks has made seeing Santa incredible.  You take a magic sleigh ride to the North Pole to see Santa.  This is complete with Shrek.


Victoria Gardens Mall is located at 12505 North MainStreet, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

It is a beautiful outside walking mall with so many stores like Macy’s, Pottery Barn, The Apple Store, and much much more!  Many great restaurants too such as Flemings, The Cheese Cake Factory, PF Changs, California Pizza Kitchen, King’s Fish House and many more!!!

Santa will be in the main section in between the stores of William Sonoma, Len’s Crafters, and California Pizza Kitchen.  You won’t miss the large house for santa as well as te 45 foot Christmas Tree!

Another great spot you may see Santa at is the famous Christmas Tree Lane AKA Thoroughbred Street in Alta Loma or some call it Rancho Cucamonga now.  Just off the 210 freeway and Carnelian you head North to Thoroughbred Street and you will park your car or drive through the beautiful street lit up with lights and vendors selling hot chocolate, churros, cupcakes, cookies, tamales, etc.  There are even areas to stop and take pictures out of the wood designs.  I just saw Santa a few days ago there too!

If I can help you buy or sell a home in Rancho Cucamonga or anywhere in the Inland Empire, just give me a call today.  951-204-1864. Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Your source for horse properties in the Inland Empire.


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